Easy standby travel
Flight loads info of 500+ airlines for staff passengers
All of us, who are working for airlines love travel a lot. Staff travel, non-rev, ID90, ZED — this unique benefits of airlines staff and best opportunity to explore our amazing world.
We hope Staff Airlines (SA) can help you to check a flight loads more than 500 world's airlines for easy and make your standby travel more comfortable and relax. Besides you will get in seconds a backup plan if you were bumped and couldn't flight out.
Ноw can it help you?
Flight load status
Flight loads information of 500+ world airlines. Business and economy class
Your backup plan
In seconds application will show you all suitable transfer flights

All city airports
Use city code like NYC, LON or MOW for searching on all city's airports
All locations
Ability to search for many locations without airport. It will offer flights to the nearest airports for your destination
Flight subscribtion
Get push messages with flights loads

Allowed ZED list
List of allowed carriers with ZED fares for your airline staff

Welcome onboard!
Do you have some questions? Find answers below.
Can I buy a SA ticket in the app?
No, our application is only for looking for flights. After choosing the flight, you need to use your corporate application for staff like MyID Travel, ID90 etc to purchase a ticket.
Do you have the same transfer flights as on MyID website?
Not. We use our own algorithms for transfer flights, so we have more options and our combination more interesting than most MyID offers
I've subscribed for the flight. When and what details will I receive?
We will send you push messages with flight loading information. The first one will come when half the time has passed before the departure of the flight. The next push will come when half the time has passed from the first push to the departure. And so on. Thus, the closer to the departure of the flight, the more often you have got a loads info of your flight
Can I choose only specific airports for departure and destination?
No, except for specific airports, you can just choose the city (and then the search will go to all airports of the city) or even the city without an airport - and then the search will go to the nearest airports

The app will show how many SA passengers bought tickets on my flight?
Not yet, but we are working on it ...
For which airlines we already have lists of authorized carriers for SA?
S7 Airlines, Aeroflot, Emirates, Nordica etc

What should I do if my airline isn't in the allowed list?
You can send us your airlines ZED list and we will set it for the app. Or you can customize this list in the app yourself. If the list of allowed airlines is empty in your application, all airlines will appear in the search results, without any filters.
Contact to us
Send us your feedback to make SA better. Also we will be grateful for get a list of allowed ZED carriers for your airline.